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Appliance Deployment Provider NEI Highlighted as Premier Partner of DELL

February 08, 2013


Canton, Mass.-based NEI (News - Alert) has a long-standing history of deploying telecom solutions in addition to revolutionizing application deployment in order to increase revenue and enable technology providers to access applications in a variety of ways – via cloud, virtual or physical models.

In fact, the company has an even more established relationship with Dell (News - Alert), which first came to the appliance deployment provider nearly five years ago in search of an alternative to create telco-grade platforms from the ground up.

Over the years, the twosome’s strategic alliance has grown stronger, and right as we speak, NEI is assisting Dell to become a gateway in the telecom word.

Why did the technology giant team with NEI years ago, but still work hand in hand with the company? The primary factor leading to this ongoing partnership is that NEI offers unparalleled reliability that only a NEBS-certified vendor can provide, with solutions backed by NEI’s lifecycle management services in addition to having key hardware experts always on hand.

Coined the LEAD (Lifecycle Engine for Application Deployment) system, this platform enables IT administrators to gain access to a single controlled image that can help them significantly increase visibility into the deployment strategy at hand.

According to company officials, “That way our customers can deploy the same image, with the same performance and lifecycle saving valuable time and money.”

The platform consists of crucial elements including a comprehensive solution design that encompasses image creation, hardware selection, customizing the OS, third-party components, branding, remote management, regulatory and compliance certifications, system integration capabilities backed by process controls that can yield predictive and repeatable results, application management that powers fully automated updates, system health monitoring, back-up and management of the appliance once deployed, global logistics that make it much more simple to manage products overall, and a high level of support and maintenance to enhance a product’s life span.

This strategic alliance has been extremely fruitful thus far, leading to the unveiling of NEBS Level-3 and ETSI (News - Alert)-certified PowerEdge R620t and R720t carrier-grade servers running on Intel Xeon processors. These robust products are touted as increasing data flows in communication systems, as well as supporting highly demanding control plane applications typically found within telecom platform deployment.

Moreover, these rack mount systems provide a much higher level of scalability than previous models.

Dell's portfolio of NEBS-certified telecom products include carrier-grade compute, storage and switching – all under the same product line. And by using industry standard core technologies, these carrier platforms deliver efficiencies rarely seen in the current telecommunications market.

As a Dell OEM (News - Alert) Solutions Premier Partner and Intel ISA Associate Member, NEI prides itself on continuously debuting new solutions that can address various obstacles and enhance current industry partnerships. The company offers the industry’s broadest range of engineering assistance programs and platforms for applications of all sizes, serving to ease deployment cycles and reinforce the lifelong manageability and reliability of mission-critical applications.

As a member of Intel’s (News - Alert) Intelligent Systems Alliance program, NEI can take advantage of select extended-life CPUs offered by Intel only for Dell OEM Solutions’ XL products – a unique benefit for NEI customers.

Edited by Braden Becker

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