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StoneFly Intros StoneFly TSO Twin Scale Out NAS Storage Appliances

January 20, 2014


StoneFly (News - Alert), a provider of integrated IP storage area network (SAN) systems, unveiled its new StoneFly TSO series of Twin Scale Out NAS storage appliances.  Designed for high performance, redundancy and scalability, the new solution enables users to scale their storage capacity by simply adding new nodes as needed, all without compromising performance.

Mo Tahmasebi (News - Alert), president and chief executive officer at StoneFly, said, “TSO is the most scalable and resilient NAS in the market, utilizing the latest technology of no metadata, and establishing new storage standards in big data, media, and cloud markets.”

StoneFly explained that organizations that demand ultra-fast primary storage will be best served by the new TSO storage appliances. Its mirrored twin scale out NAS nodes can scale up to 36 drives and 144 TeraBytes of storage per node.  StoneFly TSO can easily scale out to multiple nodes on demand, each of which come complete with built-in constructive capabilities to support high-concurrent sequential throughput, post-production transcoding and streaming media.

StoneFly assured users that scaling out its TSO storage appliances will not pose any problems for performance. Users can easily add new nodes to expand capacity, and the resulting increased bandwidth, throughput and concurrency requirements will not be difficult to manage.

Using Scale Out NAS, a distributed file system, StoneFly TSO allows users to establish a single access point across their data storage locations, enabling enterprise-wide sharing. The file system can accommodate several petabytes of data, all while handling thousands of clients, catering to rich-media content distribution and high-read performance requirements.

Moreover, the TSO series appliances also come equipped with a slew of additional features, including dual hexa-core storage virtualization engines, 32GB data packet and command queuing cache for SSPP, 8 to 36 hot-swappable disk drives per chassis, preferred SATA, SAS (News - Alert), SSD or tiered storage, and dynamic storage expansion. 

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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