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Kaminario Unveils New High-Performance Enterprise Data Appliance

June 22, 2010


Software applications help a business to process as well as utilize both information and data in every aspect of their activities.
Depending more on inefficient applications degrades performance of a business, because generally applications run on powerful and expensive servers that sit idle waiting for data.
On the contrary, businesses that have got more from applications and data in a timely fashion have gained considerable advantage over the competition, says Kaminario, a provider of enterprise-grade appliances and solutions for finance, telco, government, education, web and OBI organizations.
In this regard, the Boston-based Kaminario announced the launch of its new high-performance enterprise data appliance, called as Kaminario K2, which has the ability to deliver millions of input/output operations per second "IOPS" for servers and applications that require ultra-fast and reliable access to data.
According to Dani Golan, CEO of Kaminario, "The operational and financial performance of businesses often depend on how quickly data-intensive business-process applications can access large, server-based data sets."
According to a press release, the company's latest offering is a blade appliance based on scale-out architecture. The hardware system is a grid of blade servers and is interconnected in a redundant and fast network. It is managed by the company's unique kOS operating system. Capable of working with any application, the Kaminario K2 scalable appliance is quick to deploy.
One of the key features of Kaminario K2 appliance is eliminating I/O or data access bottlenecks. It helps in improving performance of data-intensive applications and price-performance by orders of magnitude, thereby enhancing business performance.
Architected for enterprise environments, Kaminario K2 is application agnostic, because it leverages existing computing and data storage investments and also supports any application and data type with no process change. In addition, its blade architecture makes it very easy to manage.
Available with pricing starting at $200,000 USD, K2 is an enterprise-grade appliance which maintains operational status and data availability. The data is backed up on mirrored Hard Disk Drives "HDDs" to support recovery and protection during power loss. The system can also recover all associated data in case of blade failure.
The K2 system features full N+1 hardware redundancy on blades, internal network and Uninterrupted Power Supply "UPS." The N+1 power system helps in proper shutdown with no data loss during main power failure.
In addition, the Kaminario K2 presents itself externally as a set of standard block devices. The entire main copy of data is stored on DRAM to ensure ultra high performance. The kOS operating system automatically allocates space among multiple blades.
Officials with the company said that the distribution of the LUs reduced contention and contributed to the extremely high performance of Kaminario K2. The standard block devices also enable the new system to boost applications with no need to change data structures or to do remodeling. By moving application data or databases to Kaminario K2 will enable the organizations to achieve an immediate performance boost and capital. Even operational costs are reduced.

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri

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